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What I Said People I Vex So busy! Pansy Sod Off Back In Time Sod Off Back In Time Sod Off Forward Sod Off Forward
Perfectly Pansy
The malevolent have hidden teeth.
I won't be doing Nathaniel's rounds tonight.

I'm going to sleep.

Deal with it -- it's only the first time I've missed.

I'm feeling: sleepy sleepy

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A funny thing happened last night. I slept. I slept well. I haven't slept well in . . . six weeks? I woke up and thought maybe I had died, for the peace was so disconcerting -- but here I am, walking around, breathing, not in a dream state, and not dead or comatose. I pondered why this has happened, and I really don't know. Perhaps it's because I'm too tired to be afraid anymore. I expect I'll not sleep at all tonight.

Hogsmeade was all right. I haven't been since February and I was really excited to go, but while I was walking around town, it didn't feel refreshing or invigorating -- it was as if I'd been there yesterday. Nothing has changed, excepting maybe the displays in Madam Malkin's and Quality Quidditch Supplies. I really wish they'd stop with the orange motif in QQS for Autumn. There are tonnes of other Autumnal colours to choose from -- such as green and silver, for example.

So . . . Hogsmeade. Justin and I hit Flourish and Blotts straight away, per usual. Zach, I'm glad you came too. It's good to spend time with you, you know. But . . . I didn't like it really when you pretended you didn't know about my bracelet. I just thought that was a poor attempt at humour, really. We get along so well -- let's just try and . . . get along, all right? Anyhow, there's this section in Flourish and Blotts where they sell mind-bender puzzles and logic games of all sorts, so I bought a game for Nathaniel, for when he wakes up -- it's called Omnis. In Omnis, you set out the playing board and all the pieces; however, instead of rolling gobstones or dice, there's a small crystal ball which is placed in the center of the board. When it's your turn, the spirit of a great thinker is summoned through the crystal ball, and he or she speaks directly to you! You have to debate, pontificate, eshew, and argue your way to being allowed to move your game piece! It's brilliant fun, and I really think Nathaniel will like it once he's awake and convalescing. And I can play it with him while he's in hospital. Mrs. Warrington is a really fine lady. She's been very kind in letting me sit with Nathaniel as often as I'd like. Professor Snape? Is there anything I can do to assist you in helping Nathaniel to wake up? Anyhow, I also bought a new book for Draco: Whomping Willows and You: A Critical Care Guide by Igotta Bruze (I really think that's a terrible penname).

I saw a very interesting person ducking into Spirit and Glug's -- I hope this means what it should mean! And yes, that means you!

I didn't see Millicent or Draco all day, and Blaise and Justin went off later to QQS, but I wasn't about to go there, owing to all the orange, so I instead visited Madam Puddifoot's and had an ice cream sundae. Theo was having an ice cream sundae too, but on the other side of the room. Probably no one else wanted to visit Madam Puddifoot's because today was so unseasonably chilly, and not many people like ice cream on a cold day. Then I followed Theo out of Madam Puddifoot's and we walked down the main road to Magical Menagerie -- I managed to step on Theo's heels all the way into town, and he walked clear out of his shoes twice! I didn't want to go into Magical Menagerie, though, so I stopped into the nursery and bought a carton of live Happy crickets for my Dementor orchids, and some decorative branch ribbons for my little Japanese maple. I bought one giant Cyclops fly for Maurice; it weighs two stone.

And I really don't know why some people are so bloody territorial! Especially in a public place. Public meaning: ANYONE CAN BLOODY GO THERE! It's not my fault The Three Broomsticks was overcrowded -- what do they expect after keeping us cooped up in the sodding castle for near a year?! So, sorry Weasley, Granger, and Potter, that yours happened to be the only table in the whole place with a spare chair. Oh, and sorry I spilt your Butterbeers. Twice. So sorry. And I'm so sorry about the snot-inducing cayenne which mysteriously found its way into your gravy -- I don't know how that could have happened. After all, my dinner was quite mild! And the Happy cricket incident was most unfortunate. I do apologise! It was so cold today, my fingers were just so clumsy, owing to being partially frozen practically. Anyhow, after the three of you stopped making a spectacle of yourselves it was much calmer. I still don't agree with what you said about the theory behind the dark arts -- I still don't think one is truly well-versed in Defence unless they thoroughly know exactly what it is that they are fighting against. One can't really know about the dark arts -- and presumably how to defend against them -- if they are ignorant of a given dark spell's history.

There's a TA meeting tonight, I've decided. Meet on the pitch.

ETA: In my next entry I shall attempt to NOT FIGHT WITH MY DEAR FRIEND JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEY! Can it be done? Will we succeed? We shall see, friends and fellow classmates. The topic of discussion I have chosen is: DUST. Honestly, Justin!

I'm feeling: okay okay
Music In My Mind: the hospital wing

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I'm feeling: apathetic apathetic

Soooo . . . I expect Astronomy is cancelled for today? Fantastic. More free time.

I've done all my assigned work for classes, plus extra. I read all night, most nights. I have done all my prefect rounds, plus picked up extra shifts -- as many as I can.

I don't play Quidditch, so there's no practise for me.

There is really nothing else to do but wait, once all necessities are taken care of. So I'm just waiting here.

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Music In My Mind: Annie Nox : Here Comes the Rain Again

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You know . . . amongst the eight billion other things I've on my list to complain about, how is it that I get to add CRAZED ESCAPED MURDERER BLITHELY IGNORED IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION as a bonafide issue? Now, on top of everything else, I get to worry about being blasted into smithereens by a maniacal murderer, who, for some inexplicable reason, the headmaster of my very own school seems to be harbouring OPENLY. Seeing as I fancy all ten of my fingers, I'll be owling my father straight away to complain, and then I'll be writing the Minister of Magic himself, and will demand he do something about this dangerous and threatening situation!

The prefects bath has moss growing in it. I went to take my usual soak this afternoon, and there was moss in the pool, in the colour of lime green. It clearly is a magical moss, but whoever left moss samples in their trousers pocket, thus allowing it to creep out and about and ESTABLISH ITSELF, should be made to clean the prefects bath with their tongue -- give it a good LAVING why don't you? I hope you scrape your taste buds down to microscopic bleeding nubs!!!

I have not slept in four days. And one of my bowtruckles has gone missing. YES THAT'S RIGHT!!! I BROUGHT THEM BACK FROM HAGRID'S HUT SINCE NO ONE IS THERE TAKING CARE OF ANY OF THE CREATURES!!! HAVE YOU SMELLED THAT PLACE?!?! Anyhow, one of my bowtruckles has gone missing, and its mate misses it dearly -- it won't stop crying, and I'm afraid it'll soon make Blaise angry. Well, angrier. I've searched everywhere, including my beaters bat, Blaise's beaters bat, and even in the boys' dormitories, and I can't find him anywhere. So if anyone finds my bowtruckle, you're to return it to me immediately -- and don't think I'd give you a reward or whatever, for why should you be paid to do the right thing? You should just do it because it's the right thing to do!!! Everyone knows that. Only immoral people accept rewards.

And I don't see why it's so grand to make a memorial garden. There are tonnes of pretty gardens on the grounds already, and it doesn't matter what happens to memories, because after a while we're all forgotten, and that's just inevitable . . . I've no interest in cultivating orchids under that premise. In fact, I refuse to cultivate orchids at all -- there's no need for such memories right now anyway. I forbid it.

Rounds, rounds, rounds . . . and class . . . and dodging murderers and unwelcome memories, and looming black beings in my mind . . . I think it's all a bunch of rot. I'm going to go owl my father. Oh, and Draco? I've written to the editor of the Daily Prophet on your and your mother's behalf. It's not as if they'll actually publish it, but at least I owled in the first place. I've something for you, by the way. I'll bring it next time I come up.

I'm feeling: braindead

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Music In My Mind: Metallurgy : One

I suppose you think you are ever so funny.

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You are a MURDERER!!!





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Music In My Mind: still Sickleback . . . Figured You Out

I wanted you to be the first to know! I've decided what I want to do once I leave Hogwarts: I've decided to take over the world. What do you think?

Oh feh, I can't find my organiser. I charmed it into the shape of a Bertie Botts so I could keep it in the tiny pocket in my skirt, but now it's gone.

I'm feeling: accomplished accomplished
Music In My Mind: Sickleback

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